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14 North Tolsta

14 North Tolsta

14 North Tolsta came into existence in 1854 when 14/15 North Tolsta was split in two. Its first tenant was Isabella Maciver, who previously held 14/15 North Tolsta. In due course 14 North Tolsta passed to Isabella's son Kenneth Maciver.

Kenneth Maciver married Kirsty Campbell and the couple had seven children. In due course the croft passed to their son Alexander.

Alexander Maciver married twice; firstly to Margaret Morrison with whom he had two children and secondly to Mary Ann Macleod with whom he had three children. In due course the croft passed to his son Torquil.

Torquil was living at 28 North Tolsta at the time he inherited 14 North Tolsta and  he sold it to John Maclean. John also purchased 15 North Tolsta and recombined the crofts back to 14/15 North Tolsta. John set up Tolsta Dairy on the croft.

Isabella Maciver's son, Evander Maciver and his wife Ann Maciver were cottars at 14 North Tolsta until 1872, when Evander obtained 72 North Tolsta as a newly lotted croft.


Title: 14 North Tolsta
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Type: Croft
Date Lotted: 1854
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 103874