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Deposition of John Mackay (Lewis/Harris boundary hearing) 1805

Deposition of John Mackay (Lewis/Harris boundary hearing) 1805

John Mackay's testimony at the first hearing of the Lewis & Harris Boundary dispute;

Witness 9
Sept 21.1805

John McKay, residenter at Gisla, aged sixty-seven years, a married man depones, That he is the identical John McKay who was servant upwards of forty years ago to Murdo McLeod at Kenresort: That he left Kenresort about forty years ago, and resided on the farm of George MacAulay, ground officer in Lewis, returned again to Kenresort about ten years ago, where he remained seven years. Depones that he saw a particular stone that stood erect at the top of Eeuntom-na-laig Aird. Being interrogated, If he removed that stone? Depones, That it was not his hands that took it out of its place. Interrogated, If he knew who it was that took it out of its place? Depones, That Donald Macleod, son of Murdo Macleod at Kenresort, was the person that took it out of its place and brought it to Kenresort. Depones, That he did not see him take it out of its place, but saw the stone after it was taken to Kenresort, and he knew it to be the identical stone. Depones, That Murdo Macleod, his master, and Donald Maclead (sic) before mentioned, attended by the deponent, carried the stone to Stornoway, and produced the same to George McKenzie, then chamberlain of Lewis, and Dr McKenzie at Stornoway, who after inspecting it, ordered it to be carried back and placed at Eeuntom-na-laig Aird, from whence it had been taken. Depones, That they complied with the request of the gentlemen, and in two days it was replaced in its former position at Eeuntom-na-laig Aird, by the said Donald Macleod and Norman, his brother, in the presence of the deponent. Being interrogated, Whether the said stone had been considered as a march mark betwixt Lewis and Harris ? depones, That its being considered as such was the reason why it was carried to Stornoway for the inspection of the said gentlemen. Being interrogated, Whether he at any time saw a particular stone erect in a little hillock on or near the line betwixt Eeuntom-na-laig Aird, and Kenresort? Depones, That there is none but one that he knows on the west of Benbho, which is not in that line. Being interrogated for the defender, depones, That the foresaid stone at Eeuntom-na-laig Aird, was carried to Stornoway about forty-two years ago. Depones, That the river of Resort is fished jointly by the people of Harris and Lewis from Kenresort to the Claichan on the water of Resort, and the fish equally divided: That it is a long mile from the sea. Depones, That it is on the water of Resort, but not in Glenstuladale. Being interrogated, Whether, while he was a servant with Murdo MacLeod at Kenresort he herded his master's cattle at Arighchlairveg and Arighchlairmhoir? Depones, That he did. Being interrogated, If the people of Harris disturbed his master in the possession of these sheallings? Depones, That the Harris people said that they ought to disturb them, but the Lewis people would not take it at their hands.


Title: Deposition of John Mackay (Lewis/Harris boundary hearing) 1805
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Type: Testimony Or Evidence
Date: 21-09-1805
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