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New Year gifts for Servicemen

New Year gifts for Servicemen

This article appeared in the Stornoway Gazette on 24 January, 1941

Last year, the ladies of the Kinloch Church of Scotland congregation decided to send New Year gifts to all the boys from the congregation on active service. An appeal was made for funds and the response was immediate and gratifying. By the end of the year, handsome parcels were forwarded and now acknowledgements have been received for all of them.

In their letters, which make excellent reading, the boys express their deepest appreciation of the gifts which they have received and the encouragement they derive from the thought that they are constantly in the minds and prayers of those whom they have left behind. The following extract is typical: "I must say your gift was a pleasant and appreciated surprise, as the job I am now on demands the very articles which I was lucky to get. Our posts are elevated and exposed to the Atlantic winds and I do appreciate the warmth of the Balaclava when on guard and feel much indebted to the congregation. I know you will all bear with us in prayer. Victory is our aim".We simply cannot do enough for these gallant lads and we who continue to enjoy the comforts and blessings of our island homes should bear in mind constantly the debt we owe to the flower of our youth, who guard our homes for us and who make it possible for us to carry on much as we did in normal times. We trust we shall not prove unworthy of their faithfulness, devotion and sacrifice but by earnest and honest co-operation, help them in this most vital of all struggles. We learn on every hand of the gallantry and good behaviour of our Island boys and it is pleasing to learn that much is being done by way of providing comforts, etc, but let us ever increase our efforts that, with God's help, we may haster the hour of victory.

Title: New Year gifts for Servicemen
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Date: 1941
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