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Fergus Ferguson

Fergus Ferguson

Local tradition maintains that the Fergusons of Habost are the same family as those in Garrabost, Europie, Lemreway, Carloway, and Uig Lewis.

Fergus Ferguson (1803-1888) was a son of John Ferguson and Mary Macdonald, 22 Laxay. In 1835 he married Flora Maclennan, 13 Habost. Fergus and Flora settled for a time at 22 Laxay before moving to 12 Habost. The couple had eight children.

Fergus was a Blacksmith making tools and implements for use on the croft and at the peats. The ruins of the smithy can still be seen on the croft. He also had a fishing boat and one day when they were out fishing, a dense fog came down and they had no idea where they were. Fergus stated with great confidence that whatever part of the shore of Lewis they landed on, he would recognise it and they would be able to find their way back.

They eventually landed and Fergus said, "Well if this is part of Lewis I have never seen it before." He always spoke in an unusually high-pitched voice and Anna an Taillear who was working nearby overheard and recognised his voice. She shouted to him, "Fergus, is that you?"

He was so put out at this that his response back to her was, roughly translated, "You dirty scallywag, shut your mouth!" He was only beached on the back of Sgeir Glas, almost opposite his own house. He was so disappointed at losing face by not knowing his own shoreline.


Title: Fergus Ferguson
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Fearghas an Fhearghais
Date of Birth: 1803
Date of Death: 08-04-1888
Date of Marriage: 26-03-1835
Occupation: Blacksmith
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 1904
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 13291