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Harold Graham Grieve

Harold Graham Grieve

Harold Graham Grieve (1901-1974) was a son of Rev. James Grieve and was born in Edinburgh.

After leaving school he joined Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber and was sent to Johore to learn the Rubber Planting Trade.

At Crossowen, Clynder, in 1929, he married Isabel Macleod, Crossowen. The couple travelled to Johore and he became Manager of the Plantation. Nearly every year  Harold Graham and Isabel travelled back to Scotland on leave.

At the beginning of the War Harold Graham joined the Johore Volunteer Engineers and became a Lance Corporal. Isabel returned to Clynder for the remainder of the War.  He was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and was taken to a Prisoner of War Camp in Thailand. Harold Graham was released in 1946 and repatriated to Scotland.

In 1947 the couple returned to Johore and he resumed his duties at the plantation and was eventually made a Director of Inch Kenneth in Malaysia. 

On May 10, 1956 Harold and Isabel returned to the UK  on SS Patroclus. They lived for a time at the Grieve family home at 43 Coillesdene Avenue, Edinburgh and later retired to Inverness.


Title: Harold Graham Grieve
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Graham
Date of Birth: 20-09-1901
Date of Death: 1974
Date of Marriage: 29-10-1929
Occupation: Director of Rubber Plantation
Sex: Male
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 119806