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Laxay outing to Uig

Laxay outing to Uig

Bus Outing to Uig in 1946

Back Row l-r: CB Mackay, 8 Laxay; CB Macleod, 9b Laxay; CA Maciver, 3 Laxay; Dan Maclean, 24 Ranish; Malcolm Macleod, 10 Laxay; C Buchanan, Brenish; D Maciver, 3 Laxay; Joan Macleod, 16a Laxay; George Macdonald, 18 Laxay; PA Buchanan, Brenish

Front Row l-r: CJ Maciver, Soval; Chrissie A Maciver, 3 Laxay; DR Macrae, 12 Keose

Laxay outing to Uig
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Date: 1946