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Road workers at the Creagan Gorm, 1935

Road workers at the Creagan Gorm, 1935

A group of road workers at the Creagan Gorm, Balallan in 1935. Of the group, only two are still living and they are: Donald Maclean, 16 Balallan and Hector Macaulay, 31 Balallan
Back Row l-r: Alex John Kennedy (Punch), 9 Balallan; Roderick John Macleod, 50 Balallan; Malcolm Macleod, 17/75 Balallan

Second Row l-r: Roderick Macleod, 6 Balallan; Murdo Smith, 2/7 Balallan; John Macleod (Barney), 70 Balallan; John Murdo Nicolson (the man John), 45 Balallan; the Gaffer who came from Grimshader; Donald Maclean (Buckle), 16 Balallan; Malcolm Smith, 27 Balallan; Murdo Macleod, 23 Balallan; Donald Mackenzie, 28 Balallan;

Third Row l-r: Roderick Maciver, 3 Laxay; Gaffer from Back; Murdo Mackenzie (Boch), 20/90 Balallan; John Macdonald (Sixty-One), 61 Balallan Murdo Morrison, 41b Balallan

Forth Row l-r: Hector Macaulay, 31 Balallan; Kenneth Macleod, 19 Balallan; Colin John Mackenzie, 2 Keose

Front Row l-r: Colin Mackenzie (Killan), 37 Balallan; Murdo Macmillan, 32 Balallan; Murdo Macleod, 40 Balallan and John Maciver, 9a Laxay

Road workers at the Creagan Gorm, 1935
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