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1 Ungeshader

1 Ungeshader

The croft at 1 Ungeshader had two families on it - the Morrisons nearer the shore and the Macleods further up the hill. The two blackhouses are now in ruins but the newer house, once the Macleods', is still in use.

The road doesn't reach the houses because of the rough ground, so a shed (of which half a concrete wall remains) was constructed at the road end to house the Macleod motorbikes.

The new house was struck by lightening in the 1950s, and according to local memory the surge travelled down the fence to the shore to damage the stem of the boat.

Title: 1 Ungeshader
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: 1 Ungisiadar
Type: Croft
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 3105