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The Admiral was a boat belonging to John Macdonald, of 16 North Tolsta.

One stormy Friday night; a north west gale was blowing at almost hurricane force and the night was pitch black; there was no Tiumpan Light at the time. The crew were John Macdonald, Torquil Maciver and John Campbell.

Ashore the families of the crew were on the beach with a fire fearing the worse; Peggy Campbell was bewailing the loss of her sister's son and her brother's son. John's brother-in-law, Angus Mackay, cut short the communion service and went down to the beach also.

The crew estimated that the boat took twenty tacks between Tolsta Head and Clach Uilleium. John later said that the boat brought herself ashore through the darkness at Carragh a' Phuirt Bhig.


Title: Admiral
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