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Home from Holland

Home from Holland

Excerpt from Stornoway Gazette and West Coast Advertiser


February 16 1917

HOME FROM HOLLAND - Angus MacAulay ("John"), Valtos, is home on leave from Holland. He is well and fit. Angus, always bright and cheery, is generally the 'life' of whatever company he is in, and was in great demand by his interned mates, as he always had a word of comfort for the depressed. At home he draws great crowds nightly. They come to get a record of his adventures and of the friends he left behind. When he returns to his camp it is certain he will have anxious crowds waiting to get news of home. Another 'Hollander', Donald MacLennan, Cliff, arrived home last Friday. He too is looking quite fit.


Title: Home from Holland
Record Type: All Records
Type: Newspaper Article
Date: 1918
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