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William Kerr

William Kerr

William Kerr was the headmaster at Planasker School in Marvig, Pairc from 1896. The area around the school is known as Ard Asker and there is a local tradition indicating that he may have given his name to the area (something to do with asking Kerr's plans) but the name seems to predate his arrival in the area.

William was born in 1855 at Liberton, Midlothian, a son of John and Isabella nee Ritchie, who were living at Greenend in 1861. William was a schoolteacher at the Free Church School, Blackford, Perthshire when he married Margaret Buchanan in 1882 in Stonehaven.

They lived in Perthshire circa 1884-92 and at Brabster near Reay in Caithness circa 1893-95, before coming to Marvig in 1896. They had at least seven children, several of whom attended Planasker School:

Jessie Hamilton Kerr, b 21 February 1884 in Blackford (pupil teacher)

Isobel "Zoe" Ritchie Kerr, b 17 December 1885 in Blackford

Barbara Buchanan Kerr, b 6 July 1888 in Blackford

John Kerr, b 15 April 1890 in Blackford

Albert "Bertie" William Kerr, b 29 September 1893 in Reay

Kate Alexa Kerr, b 12 October 1895 in Reay

James Alistair Kerr, b 29 September 1900 in Marvig

William was evidently a man of considerable character and some stories of his time in Marvig have come down to us through oral tradition.


Title: William Kerr
Record Type: All Records
Date of Birth: 1855
Date of Marriage: 10-03-1882
Occupation: Headteacher
Sex: Male
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