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Valtos Landmark Removed: John "Lerach" Buchanan

Valtos Landmark Removed: John "Lerach" Buchanan

From the Stornoway Gazette, 17 May 1929.

Valtos Landmark Removed.

On 15th April there passed away after a short illness at his home in Valtos, Mr John Buchanan aged 80 years. The week previous to his demise he had, apparently in his usual health, attended the local Communion in the Uited Free Church, of which he was a loyal and staunch supporter. Some two years ago he had a very serious illness from which few patients are known to have recovered, but his wonderful vitality, aided by medical skill, pulled him through, and he was again able to go visiting his numerous friends throughout Lewis and Harris. He was a man of strong personality, one whose counsel in important local matters was always soughts after, and on account of his general wisdom and foresight people had always confidence in his judgement and were willing to abide by his decisions. For very many years he was a Parish Councillor for West Uig. In the Council meetings he consistently strove for the benefit and advancement of his own ward, but never to the detriment or at the expense of other wards. He was a tower of strength to any cause he espoused and by his forceful and convincing spreech commanded and generally received a good hearing. He fought many a wordy battle for the settlement of a doctor in West Uig, and though that did not become and accomplished fact during his tenure of office most o the "heavy spade work" was done then. In his own home he was a splendid host and he quickly set his guests at ease and made them feel "at home" there. His house was ever open to rich and poor, but God's people in particular were ever welcome.

His presence is now very much missed, not only in his native village but throughout the whole district. He is survived by two married daughters - one at home and one in Canada - and to them and their relatives the sympathy of the community is extended in their great loss. They in their turn desire to thank all those who showed sympathy and kindness to them in their bereavement and to their father during his illness. The funeral, which was very largely attended, thus showing the very high esteem in which he was held, took place on the 17th inst. to the local cemetery.


Title: Valtos Landmark Removed: John "Lerach" Buchanan
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Date: 17-05-1929
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