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Presentation to Mr Norman Macleod, Lochcroistean School

Presentation to Mr Norman Macleod, Lochcroistean School

Stornoway Gazette, Uig District News

February 10, 1921 - PLEASANT SURPRISE

Mr. Macleod, Lochcroistean, having attained his semi-jubilee as headmaster in Lewis schools during the war, some of the young men in the district after demobilisation made a move to show their appreciation of his long and valued service amongst them in some tangible form. On the evening of Tuesday, 1st February, a deputation waited on Mr. & Mrs. Macleod at the Schoolhouse, when Mr. Macleod (Ileach), 8 Geshader, presented them with a well-filled wallet of treasury notes.

In making the presentation in name of the Committee and the people of the district, he spoke of Mr. Macleod's long and valued services among them as a teacher, and of Mr. & Mrs. Macleod's many kindnesses to the people of the district during the war, especially to the bereaved parents and relatives who had lost their dear sons in the war. He said that they were not to judge their feelings towards them by the contents of that purse for he heartily wished it were many times heavier. He also apologised and took the blame upon himself for the presentation not having been made early last year, as the Committee had entrusted to him, to buy some useful and artistic article with some of the money for presentation to Mr. & Mrs. Macleod.

After considering the matter for a long time he came to the conclusion that he would leave the choice with themselves and present them with the money. So he had the greatest of pleasure in presenting them with that purse of treasury notes and wishing them long life and prosperity amongst them.

Mr. Macleod, on rising to reply, said they had taken him quite by surprise, that their appearance there that evening was the first inkling he had of such a movement being on foot, and that if he had Known of it he would have endevoured to stop the proceedings, as he was not aware of ever having done anything to merit such great kindness at their hands. He had always endevoured in his humble way to do his duty as a teacher, and as for any services he and his better half had rendered the people of the district during the war, especially to the parents and relatives of his dear old pupils who had made the supreme sacrifice, it was a labour of love in which one was fully recompensed in the feeling that he had at least shown sympathy and condolence to a bereaved friend. Words utterly failed him to express his own and his wife's gratitude to them for their great kindness that evening. He said they would always remember the many pleasant years they had spent at Lochcroistean where they had invariably met with the greatest kindness at the hands of the people. When they had time to consider the matter they would invest some of the money in the purchase of some useful and artistic article that would always keep themselves and their prosperity in mind of having spent so many pleasant years at Lochcroistean.

It greatly enhanced the value of the presentation in their estimation, that it was all subscribed in the school district except one or two of the local teachers who sent substantial contributions. Again thanking them and through them the people of the district, Mr. Macleod said their feelings were too deep for words, and not to guage their gratitude by the few inadequate sentences he had expressed. The inevitable cup of tea was partaken of and the rest of the evening was pleasantly spent until the deputation took their departure about midnight.


Title: Presentation to Mr Norman Macleod, Lochcroistean School
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Date: 1921
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