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Gravir School Inspection Report

Gravir School Inspection Report

From Gravir School log, 1949 (Mr Kennedy was headmaster): "Report on Gravir Primary School, Lewis, by H.M.I.S., visited on 31st May, 1949."

Session 1948-49

The painting of the school two years ago has greatly improved the appearance of the classrooms, but the dumping of the year's coal supply on the few square yards of usable playing space makes the clearing of the floors more difficult than it need be. It is understood that the present primitive offices [toilets] are soon to be modernised.

In the lower room the work was generally satisfactory, but more attention should be given at the infant stages to the teaching of numbers and to bilingual methods. The pupils in class P III gave a good account of themselves in arithmetic and generally in reading also, but in several cases phrasing could have been much better. Knowledge of history and geography was satisfactory.

In the upper room the better pupils showed to advantage in arithmetic and English subjects, and knowledge of history and geography was reasonably sound, but the weaker pupils need systematic training in sentence construction, vocabulary and oral expression for some time to come. The few pupils taught in the secondary division had clearly derived profit from the instruction in the elements of mathematics. Drawing also was on good lines.

Needlework was poorly taught, though the time allowance was ample for thorough training to be given. As no provision had been made for the teaching of cookery, the older girls had received no training in this important subject.

Title: Gravir School Inspection Report
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Date: 1949
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