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Parents protest school closures

Parents protest school closures

From the Gravir School logbook, 8 February 1963:

A meeting of parents of school children in the Pairc area re closing of schools at Gravir, Marvig [Planasker] and Cromore and transfer of pupils to Kershader was held in Gravir School. It was decided to vehemently protest against the scheme and if the scheme to build a new primary school in the area was not carried out, further action would be taken.

On 15 May 1963:

Deputation headed by Dr Thomson, Director of Education, met the parents of children attending school to hear their views on education facilities for the future in South Lochs Area.

There are no further references to the matter in the logbook but the school closed in 1970, with the students transferring to Lemreway until the new Pairc School opened in Gravir in 1973.


Title: Parents protest school closures
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Type: Meeting
Date: 1963
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