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Presentation to Miss Macleod, Planasker School

Presentation to Miss Macleod, Planasker School

From the Stornoway Gazette, Friday 16 January 1953:

On the 30th. December, 1952 a presentation was made to Mona C. MacLeod of Urgha, Harris a member of the Planasker School staff from 1947 till the Christmas holiday.

Mr MacLeod, the headmaster spoke of the outstanding merits of Miss MacLeod, both as his assistant and close friend as well as her universal popularity among the children and the community at large. Donald MacKenzie, West End, Calbost representing the younger generation conveyed to her their sincere good wishes in her next appointment. The oldest pupil, Mary A. MacKenzie, Calbost handed Miss MacLeod the community's gift which she acknowledged by thanking everyone for their kindness and good wishes.

The following entertainment was sustained by local talent, the star of the evening being Cailleach 'an Daicon in her dual role as an aspiring M.P. and Harry Lauder. Songs were sung by Katie M. MacKenzie, Mary A. MacKenzie and Ina Morrison from Calbost, Mr MacLeod, Garyvard, Mr Matheson, Gravir and Dolina MacLennan, Marvig. Bagpipe selections were played by Neil M. MacLeod, Calbost and Murdo J. MacLennan, Marvig while accordion selections were ably rendered by John Neil Finalyson, Calbost and Kenneth MacKenzie, Marvig accompanied by Neil MacLeod on the violin. A very able M.C. in the person of Donald MacKenzie, West End, Calbost supervised the dance which followed into the small hours of the morning.

Title: Presentation to Miss Macleod, Planasker School
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Date: 1953
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