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Teaching at Planasker School

Teaching at Planasker School

An account of Planasker School, Marvig by Mona Fraser (nee Macleod), Carrgraich, Harris:

I vividly remember my first journey to Marvig. It was 1947 and I took the bus from Tarbert to Balallan where I waited to catch the bus to Marvig via Cromore. A very sweet lady sat next to me and on being told of my destination delivered this sound advice:

"Bidh thus' gu math do chlann Mharbhig agus bidh muinntir Mharbhig gu math dhuit".

I can vouch for the second part but I feel I was too immature and inexperienced to know much about the guidance of children in those days. However I was very impressed with Mrs Morrison's conversation and later befriended her daughters in Cromore.

Marvig was mostly a fishing community of warm hearted people and the township was well populated. The cheerful welcome that awaited me in Mrs MacLennan's home was unforgettable. She and her daughter, Mary Ann, looked after me like family.

The school itself was so scenically located - like a Mediterranean setting when the sun shone. Kenneth MacLeod the headmaster was such a good soul. I often wonder what became of the children I taught and would be most interested to know of their whereabouts.

It was all such a long time ago. Transport was difficult and wages were very low. All that is changed now and a good thing too. Hopefully, the kindliness and sense of humour of the people of South Lochs has not changed.

PL 09 Mona MacLeod, Teacher and Kenneth MacLeod, Headmaster

Title: Teaching at Planasker School
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