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Sad death of Christy Macdonald

Sad death of Christy Macdonald

Excerpt from Stornoway Gazette and West Coast Advertiser

Friday, October 6, 1939

SCHOOL CHILD'S DEATH - It is with deep regret we announce the death of Christy MacDonald, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John MacDonald, 11 Geshader, after a very short illness. Christy, who would have been 13 years of age on 28th September, was present in school in her usual robust health on the 15th inst.

She took ill the following Sunday, but it was not until the evening of Thursday that her illness took a serious turn, and on Sunday morning of the 23rd, she died. The loss sustained by the community is great indeed. It is not only her school-mates who will miss the generous, lovable personality that has departed, but all those who in any way came in contact with her.

She was the second eldest in a large family and carried out the duties of helping in the household work and mothering the younger members smilingly. She was mature for her age and no one could imagine that she had still two years to go to school, where she was always near the top of her class. The large assembly at the funeral testified to the deep sympathy extended to the parents, brothers and sisters in their severe and inestimable loss.


Title: Sad death of Christy Macdonald
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