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Letter of thanks from a shipwrecked crew

Letter of thanks from a shipwrecked crew

Excerpt from Stornoway Gazette and West Coast Advertiser



Friday, September 27, 1940

A LETTER OF THANKS - Mr. MacDonald, missionary, Breanish, has received a letter from a shipping company in London, expressing their thanks to the people of the village for their hospitality towards a shipwrecked crew. The letter reads:-

"The second mate tells us of the great help which your township gave to him and thirteen other men who arrived at Breanish after the ordeal of being torpedoed and this letter is to express to you how much we appreciate what you did. The Scottish islands have a great reputation among shipping circles for their willing assistance to distressed mariners and we can assure you that whatever is done is regarded very highly here."

A reply has been sent in name of the people of Breanish, thanking the shipping company for their acknowledgement of the hospitality extended to the shipwrecked crew, and for the offer to show their appreciation in some concrete form.


Title: Letter of thanks from a shipwrecked crew
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Date: 27-09-1940
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