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The Stormy Days

The Stormy Days

Extract from Stornoway Gazette, 14 Feb 1930

The latter half of January and the early part of February has been, since time immemorial, known to us as 'Na Faoilteach' (the stormy days). There does not appear to be unanimity of opinion as to the original meaning of 'faoilteach'. It is said by some to mean the wolf month, from the circumstance that at one time the Highlands abounded with wolves, which became more daring and dangerous with the severity of the weather on the hills. On the other hand it may also be derived from 'faoile' which means welcome. Some are convinced that stormy weather towards the end of January is a definite indication of a better and more fruitful season to follow, and vice versa. Faoilteach may indeed mean the welcome season.

According to the old reckoning, the Faoilteach ends about the 12th of February.


Title: The Stormy Days
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Gaelic Name: Na Faoilteach
Type: Newspaper Article
Date: 1930
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