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Murdo Murray

Murdo Murray

Murdo (1882-1955) was the son of Angus Murray, of 49 North Tolsta, and Margaret Mackay, of 50 North Tolsta. Murdo's father registered the birth with his surname prior to leaving to join the Army in January 1882. Murdo's parents never married and Murdo lived with his mother and his grandparents, Roderick Mackay and Christina Macdonald, at 50 North Tolsta.

In 1897, when Murdo was 15, his father returned to 49 North Tolsta, as a widower, with four young children and possibly one step-child.

In 1900 Murdo joined the Seaforth Militia and served in Cairo during the Boer War.

At some point, 50 North Tolsta passed to Murdo's mother and later, to him.  

Murdo married twice; his first marriage was to Effie Smith, of 6 Lower Shader, and the couple settled at 50 North Tolsta had two children: a boy and a girl. 

Murdo was widowed in 1910.

During the First World War Murdo served with the Royal Navy Reserves.

Murdo's second marriage was to Gormelia Murray, of 27 North Tolsta, this marriage provided Murdo with a step daughter: Murdina. The couple settled at 50 North Tolsta and had four children: one boy and three girls.

In due course 50 North Tolsta passed to their daughter, Mary Ann (who was born the day before Queen Elizabeth II and died the day before her). It later passed to Mary Ann's son.


Title: Murdo Murray
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Murchadh Mairead Ruairidh
Also Known As: Fowlie, Foulaidh
Date of Birth: 1882
Date of Death: 1955
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CET 1546
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 92277