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Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Catherine was born in 1825, the daughter of John Campbell and Mary MacLeod of Brusda. She married Ewen MacLeod, cottar on 2 Ruisgarry (Sandhill), where they had the first of their two children. However, they were removed in 1854, and settled instead as cottars at Quay, where their youngest child was born.

Catherine was left a widow when fisherman Ewen was drowned in June 1856, and continued to live at Quay with her three young children.

Their home at Quay was eventually passed to Catherine MacCusbic.


Title: Catherine Campbell
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Caitrìona Iain Caimbeul Bodach
Date of Birth: 1825
Occupation: Cottar
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CEBH 21
Record Maintained By: CEBH
Subject Id: 72360