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Donaldina Macleod

Donaldina Macleod

Donaldina Macleod (born 1888) was a daughter of John and Christina Macleod, 8 Lemreway.

Her father died in 1894 and the family moved to Seaview Terrace, Stornoway.

Donaldina emigrated to the United States of America in 1912. At Passadena, in 1927, she married Robert King, American, ex Ardrossan. Donaldina and Robert initially  setlled at Bakersfield and later moved to Sacramento, California. The couple had four daughters.


Title: Donaldina Macleod
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 1888
Date of Marriage: 28-04-1917
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CEP 4686
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 58872