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Margaret Macleod

Margaret Macleod

Margaret was married to Malcolm Maclennan in Old Mangersta and they had three children:

Isabella married to John Macleod, John married 09-03-1832 to Christina Morrison, daughter of Morris and Marion Macleod from Taransay  in Harris (later 12 Mealista) and Christina married to John Nicolson, Vuia.

Although they are said to have lived in Old Mangersta at the time of their childrens' marriages they are not recorded on the 1819 Chapman list or the 1824 list of families - also they are not enumerated in Old Mangersta in 1841. This family are not listed in Old Mangersta in Bill Lawson’s Croft History.


Title: Margaret Macleod
Record Type: People
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CEU 2978
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