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David Smith

David Smith

David Smith (1866-) son of John Smith and Ann Maciver, 16 Balallan was one of the first entrants to Balallan School when it opened in 1879. He worked in the Balallan Post Office before moving to Aberdeen. At the technological examinations held in 1894 in connection with the City and Guilds of London Institute for Telegraphy and Telephony ordinary grade, he, as part of the telegraphic department passed first class with the Pewterer's Company's third prize of 1 and the Institute's bronze medal. He was promoted to the Engineering Dept in Newcastle District in 1900. Whilst doing special duty at Balmoral Castle during the Queen's birthday celebrations, he received a walking stick from Her Majesty, bearing the following inscription:

From Victoria R.I. 24;5;1900. Presented to David Smith

David made a name for himself during the First World War. The telephone cable between Britain and Norway had been severed by a U-boat and great difficulty was being experienced in locating the break. By a mathematical calculation, he was able to pinpoint the fracture.

He married Jessie Mackay, Valtos in 1896. He was chief of the Engineering Dept in Peterhead in 1918.

He retired to Montreal, Canada.


Title: David Smith
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Daidh Iain Ruaidh
Date of Birth: 01-07-1866
Date of Marriage: 28-07-1896
Occupation: Engineer
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CECL 1961
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 39501