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Robert Notman

Robert Notman

Robert Notman (1852-1932) was from Farr, Sutherland.

At Latheron, in 1876, he married Elizabeth Hymers, Latheron. They moved to Eishken in 1878 where they had four of their twelve children. Around 1884 the family moved to Currie, near Edinburgh. Four years later they moved to Kinlochspelvie in Mull and in 1901 moved to Llanbryde near Elgin.

Most of the family emigrated to the United States of America and settled at North Dakota.


Title: Robert Notman
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 06-07-1852
Date of Death: 16-12-1932
Date of Marriage: 22-05-1876
Occupation: Farmer; Gamekeeper
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CECL 5018
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 29261