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Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser was born to 14 Gravir; he served his apprenticeship as an engineer in Glasgow at Alexander Stephen's Shipyard.

Hugh was an amateur boxer in Glasgow, becoming champion of the industries for all Glasgow, of the Cadets and of the Scottish command, when he was in the Reserve. He became lightweight champion of Western Scotland in 1922-23.

He then emigrated to Canada in 1923, working first in Toronto, then in Winnipeg and Vancouver, and continuing to box, as a middleweight and welterweight. For lack of work, he turned professional. In 100 fights, he lost only 10 ten.

In 1927 he became a Christian, and gave up the boxing. Hugh married Lilian Taylor (daughter of Edgar) at the Pentecostal Church, Edmonton in 1934. He also became minister of the Pentecostal Church in Mission City.

See also an interview with Hugh about his boxing career.


Title: Hugh Fraser
Record Type: People
Date of Marriage: 1934
Occupation: Engineer; boxer
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 474
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 2710