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Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie (born 1899) was a son of Murdo Mackenzie and Ann Kennedy, 4 Gravir.

On June 16, 1917, he enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve Service Number  A16651 and re-enrolled under A9871. His records indicate that he was 5 ft 5 in tall with grey eyes, a fair complexion, a tattoo of clasped hands over a heart on his right arm, an anchor, heart and cross on his left arm and a burn scar on his left foot. Alexander was a fisherman and was immediately Mobilised. He was based at HMS Iolaire and served aboard HMS Jeannie and HMS Jeannie II. Alexander received £10.12/6d in prize money and is mentioned in Loyal Lewis: Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

After the War he was a fisherman on the Excel and moved to 99 George Street, Whiteinch when he worked at the Shipping Office in Glasgow. In 1922 he moved to 531 Beverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. At that time his brother, Donald worked in a bank in Winnipeg. Both brothers returned to Gravir.

In Lochs, in 1936 he married Marion Campbell, 18b Gravir. Alexander and Marion settled at 13 Glenside Gravir and they had three children. The family later moved to 4 Gravir when it became vacant. He spent some time working as a postman in the area.


Title: Alexander Mackenzie
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Alasdair Mhurchaidh Iain
Also Known As: Alasdair Mhurchaidh an Thaboist
Date of Birth: 10-03-1899
Date of Marriage: 1936
Occupation: Fisherman, Royal Naval Reservist, Royal Navy, Postman
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 123
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 1366