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Murdo Mackay

Murdo Mackay

Murdo (born c1795) was a son of Malcolm Mackay and Mary Macleod, Reef. He married Mary Maclennan and they had eight children: Mary (born 1825) m Donald Maclean; Isabella (1833-1918) m John Norman Macdonald (1824-1867); Ann Mackay (1830-1885) m Angus Roberson (1826-1907); Margaret (1829-1907) m Alexander McCullum (born 1829); Catherine (1832-1901) m Alexander Mackay (1832-1895); John (1837-1866); Murdoch (1842-1892) m Marion Fraser; Mary (1838-1891) m Duncan Maclean (1829-1917).

When Reef was cleared Murdo moved with his family to Trumisgarry, North Uist. A few years later his wife died young. 

In 1852, Murdo and his family emigrated on HMS Hercules to Victoria, Australia.



Title: Murdo Mackay
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 1795
Date of Death: 22-12-1868
Occupation: Labourer
Sex: Male
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 119435