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Finlay Morrison

Finlay Morrison

Finlay, born 1723, was the son of Morris Morrison of Ardmaree. Morris passed the tenancy to Finlay sometime before 1735. Finlay had at least two children, sons Morris and John. Finlay became grieve to Donald MacLeod, tacksman of Berneray.

In 1752 Finlay went with Roderick MacLeod and Angus Ferguson to find the North Uist tenants who had illegally gathered a heavy haul of seaweed landed at Port nan Long. They eventually arrived at the home of John MacDonald at Baile mhic Phail. They offered John the bribe of a load of seaweed from Berneray every time he informed them about Uist people taking seaweed from rocks belonging to Harris.

Alick Morrison’s paper The Grianam Case goes on to explain:

Having discovered the culprits, the three detectives made their way to their homes and demanded a crown from each of them. They were, however, so hospitably entertained and supplied with drink that they returned home to Berneray empty handed.

In 1763, two further events took place concerning Grianam. One was an inspection of the boundary between Harris and North Uist by influential men of the area, accompanied by knowledgeable local men, including Finlay and his brother John. On another occasion he witnessed Uibhistich illegally taking seaware from the island. As a witness, Finlay provided evidence about these events when the Grianam Case finally went to court in 1770.


Title: Finlay Morrison
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Fionnlagh Ghillemhoire Ghillebrighde
Occupation: Grieve
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBH 4039
Record Maintained By: CEBH
Subject Id: 112996