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Shirt and Collar Service

Shirt and Collar Service

Catalogue No. UIG_2004_0484

"The Shirt and Collar Service for Men" a brown cardboard box stapled together, used
to transport shirts and collars to and from a laundry service. The box has many
postage stamps - 1 shilling, 3d, 6d and postal ink stamps from Enaclete Post Office.

Contents. 4 cotton shirts in total, 2 Van Heuson and Monument brands,
registered 293383, plus 2 plain shirts (no brand name). The shirts are white and
collarless and have "P. Maciver" stamped on 3 of the shirts, "P.L. Macdonald" on the
4th. These are the owners of the shirts/collars.
There are 12 collars, various brands, Van Heusen, Turbonised - most are stamped
"Maciver" owner of the shirts/collars.

Used at 4 Geshader - Maciver, Macdonald

Overall size: 400mm x 230mm - 155mm

Located at Uig Museum, Crowlista.

Title: Shirt and Collar Service
Record Type: Objects and Artefacts
Type: Shirt
Period: 20th century
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 11957