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Leac nan Gillean, Suardail

Leac nan Gillean, Suardail

On the narrowing neck of land between Loch Erisort and Loch Luerbost lies the deserted village of Swordale where the church was once located. Leac nan Gillean is at the east end of this neck - the name means the Stone of the Boys.

In 1808, a Press Gang ship anchored off the mouth of the two lochs and sent a boat party via Loch Luerbost to the church at Swordale on a Sunday. Upwards of thirty young men were "arrested" and marched overland to the tip of the peninsula while the boat party, which included soldiers, guarded the church to ensure that the worshippers did not attempt to follow. The victims were shipped from the ledge and carried off for naval service.

The minister at that time, the Rev Simpson, allegedly took no action and allowed the event to happen.


Title: Leac nan Gillean, Suardail
Record Type: Natural Landscape Features
Gaelic Name: Leac nan Gillean, Suardail
Type: Rock
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 36215