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More tips for users

Here are some more tips that you may find useful:

  • You can use double quotation marks to search for specific phrases, e.g. "Catherine Macleod", but remember that people may have had middle names. Your search for "Catherine Macleod" would not find a record for Catherine Mary Macleod, for example.
  • When searching you can also use asterisks to stand for any (or no) characters. If you search for 'm*cdonald', for instance, you will find people called 'Macdonald' and 'McDonald'. 
  • If your search for a particular person is unsuccessful, consider whether he or she might be recorded under a different name. Our list of personal names may help.
  • To see images or listen to sound recordings, click on 'Browse Records' and choose the 'Image Details' or 'Sound Files' record type. Alternatively, if you are browsing other record types, a tick in the 'Images' column indicates that a record has at least one image associated with it. If you click on the 'Images' heading the entire list will be sorted so that records with images appear first.
  • When browsing records, click on 'Title' at the head of the first column to sort them in alphabetical order.
  • Some operations permitted by the system may not work with slow internet connection speeds. This applies primarily to searching and sorting of large numbers of records. 

More detailed guidance for users is also available.