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Grimshader, Lewis

Grimshader, Lewis

Grimshader was part of Arnish Farm, and was settled as a crofting township in 1835 making it only slightly newer than Crossbost.

Evidence of ancient dwellings can be found on the moor at Loch Mor Soval and possibly at Alt na Phedair. There are the remains of a 'Norse' mill at Ceann Hurnaway which is most easily accessed from Grimshader. This mill was used both by Ranish and Grimshader.

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Title: Grimshader, Lewis
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: Griomsiadar; Grimiseadar; Griomsidir; Grimsidar; Griomsiadair; Griomsidar
Type: Village/Township
Grid Ref Easting: 140261
Grid Ref Northing: 925923
Record Maintained By: CECTL
Subject Id: 8648