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Shader, Ness, Lewis

Shader, Ness, Lewis

Shader is a village on the northwest coast of the Isle of Lewis.

There is another Shader, more usually known as Shulishader, in the Point area of Lewis.

The Ordnance Survey Name Book 1848-1852 (Ross and Cromarty (insular), volume 07) states that Shader is situated:
"In the western side of the plan on the road from Stornoway to Ness. 15 miles from the former place"
and is:
"A large village, consisting of two small ones, viz Sheadair Uachhdrach, and Sheadair Iochdrach. The houses are built of sods lined with stone, and thatched. The greater part of them are very rudely constructed. It contains upwards of 60 small tenants. The soil is considered tolerably good. It is situated about 15 miles from Stornoway on both sides of the road to Ness, and is more than a mile in length. Peghinnean signifies a certain measure or extent of land, used throughout the island. In former times Seadair contained seven of these: - hence Seachd Peghinnean."


Title: Shader, Ness, Lewis
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: Siadar; Siadair; Siadeir; Seadair; Seachd Peghinnean
Also Known As: Shadar
Grid Ref Easting: 139343
Grid Ref Northing: 954479
Record Maintained By: CEN
Subject Id: 7209