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Kinloch, Lewis

Kinloch, Lewis

The villages in Kinloch are: Airidhbhruaich, Balallan, Laxay, Keose, Seaforth-head, Shieldinish, and Keose Glebe which was set up in 1933. There are two local estates, Soval and Eishken.

Placenames in Kinloch are predominantly of Norse origin as one would expect after the Norse dominance of the area from approximately the beginning of the 9th Century until they were defeated at the Battle of Large in 1263.

Prior to 1933, Airidhbhruaich was the youngest village (1846), hence the Gaelic name. Seaforth-head also has a Gaelic name (Ceann Loch Shipoirt). It was there that the Mackenzies built their castle after taking possession of Lewis in 1610 and Colin, the first Earl, took his title from Seaforth.

The other villages have Norse names: Balallan (the village with the rocky slope); Laxay (Salmon Island); Keose (Narrow Bay); Shieldinish (Herring Point).

Title: Kinloch, Lewis
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: Ceann a Loch
Type: District / Ward
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