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KNEEP - MIDDEN (Undated), STRUCTURE (Undated), PIT (Undated), SITE (Undated)

KNEEP - MIDDEN (Undated), STRUCTURE (Undated), PIT (Undated), SITE (Undated)


MIDDEN (Undated)
PIT (Undated)
SITE (Undated)
At least 2 buildings; metalworking deposits, bronze and iron age. Middens, 1 sand-revetted building


NB 0965 3671

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NB03NE 26 0965 6371

Exploratory excavations and remedial procedures were carried out in 1989 on a rich later prehistoric settlement and metalworking site in west Lewis, currently under active tidal erosion. A series of structures and occupation deposits was recorded including traces of at least two substantial buildings. Metalworking deposits were also recorded including evidence for both bronze and iron working. Both waste products and artefacts were recovered: the former included sheet bronze waste while the latter included iron tools and probable later prehistoric ceramics. The importance of the site lies in the association of stratified industrial and domestic deposits particularly as part of the rich archaeological landscape of the Bhaltos peninsula.
In May 1992 a series of midden deposits and at least one sand-revetted building were seen between sites 2 and 3, which now appear to be elements of one complex.
I Armit and A Dunwell 1993

The site of Cnip 2/3 was identified during the 1989 field survey and partially excavatd (Armit & Dunwell 1992). Further excavation in 1992 confirmed that the elements recorded in 1989 did indeed form part of a single extensive site. The site represents a stratified settlement and industrial complex probably dating to the pre-Norse period. No trace of the site is visible from the surface and discovery was made possible by the erosion of the retreating dune face.
Armit 1992, 44


1992. 'Excavations at Cnip, sites 2 and 3, Lewis, 1989', Proc Soc Antiq Scot. Part No 122. 137-48
Ian Armit. 1992. CFA, University of Edinburgh Archaeological Field Survey of the Bhaltos (Valtos) Peninsula, Lewis.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.


Title: KNEEP - MIDDEN (Undated), STRUCTURE (Undated), PIT (Undated), SITE (Undated)
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: Structure
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