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The Teampull

The Teampull

St Flannan was an Irish saint, son of Turlough, King of Thomond. He is supposed to have built the temple and lived in seclusion on the islands for years.

The Teampull
Approximate size: Low quadrilateral building of dry stones in long flat slabs (running East to West).
External measurements:
North and South sides 12 feet
East end 10 feet
West end 9 feet
Height 9 feet

A vaulted roof higher than the supporting walls.
Internal measurements:
Length 7 feet
Width 4 feet 6 inches
Height 6 feet
A door in the West end 3 feet by 2 feet


Title: The Teampull
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: Chapel
Period: Iron Age (post-Roman) (401-800 AD)
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 18615