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Hacklete Road construction, 1921-1922

Hacklete Road construction, 1921-1922

Road construction, Breaclete to Hacklete, 1921-1922.

Back row, left to right: John Macaulay of 19 Hacklete; Murdo Macdonald of 16 Hacklete; Donald Macdonald of 25 Valasay; Donald Matheson of 18 Hacklete; Donald Mackenzie of 3 Croir; John Macdonald of 14 Hacklete; Norman Macdonald of 16 Hacklete; Kenneth Martin of 2 Hacklete; John Macdonald of 24 Valasay; Angus Macdonald of 8 Hacklete; Norman Mackenzie of 13 Hacklete; Peter Macaulay of 19 Hacklete; George Maciver of 11 Hacklete; Kenneth Macdonald of 24 Valasay.

Middle row, left to right: John Mackay of 2 Earshader; Norman Maciver of 11 Hacklete.

Front row, left to right: Malcolm Maciver of 11 Hacklete; Angus Macdonald of 22 Valasay; John Matheson of 18 Hacklete; John Macdonald of 3 Hacklete; Norman Macdonald of 7 Hacklete; Malcolm Macdonald of 24 Valasay; Kenneth Macleod of 9 Hacklete; Malcolm Matheson of 18 Hacklete; Norman Mackenzie of 12 Hacklete; Norman Macdonald of 24 Valasay; John Macinnes of 3 Hacklete; Malcolm Macdonald of 8 Hacklete.

Hacklete  Road construction, 1921-1922
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