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'House 2' Ludag

'House 2' Ludag

John Morrison and his wife Ann were removed to Ludag from Borve in about 1854. Following her husband's death in 1860, Ann lived there as a pauper into the 1880s.

Dressmaker Catherine MacKillop was the next owner, living there with her daughter Catherine (Kate or Ceit Thulaich), who later inherited the property. When Kate's husband emigrated to Canada during the 1890s, Kate stayed at Ludag with their sons for a few years, later following her husband.

The property passed to newly married couple Alexander MacDonald and Rebecca. They later moved to Backhill, passing the house to his cousin Mary Ann and her husband Donald MacCrimmon. Following Mary Ann's death in 1942 the house passed to her widowed sister Betsy MacAskill (née MacDonald).

The property is referred to as 'house 2' in the croft history of the area.


Title: 'House 2' Ludag
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Type: House
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