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24 Doune Carloway

24 Doune Carloway

This house was built in 1832 to accommodate the family of the tacksman, working at Doune Farm. The first tacksman was Alexander Humphrey from Elgin who later moved to Swainbost Farm.

In 1853, Doune tenants were evicted to Bernera and other places and a new farm was created for John Smith who had held the farm at Garynahine. He left in 1873 to go to Stornoway, after which improvements were made to the tackhouse. Donald Macdonald from Crobeg Farm took over from him and after his death in 1892, the position was vacant until 1897 when Alexander Mackenzie from Manor Farm moved to Doune.

Descendents of Alexander reside at 24 Doune at the present time.


Title: 24 Doune Carloway
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: Tigh a Mhaoir
Type: Farm / Tack
Record Maintained By: CEC
Subject Id: 67841