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9 Valtos

9 Valtos

Croft 7, 8 and 9 Valtos were originally one. Donald Macleod (son of Malcolm) was the original tenant, In the 1841 census this household consisted of Donald Macleod 40
Isabella 40, Catherine 15, Calum 13, Henny 10, Norman 8, Alex 5, Janet 3, Kirsty 1
This household also appears in the 1851 census but there is no further trace after that. It can be assumed that they emigrated to Canada in 1851. This family also appear on croft 6

In 1852 John Buchanan (son of Murdo) from Carnish became sole tenant. By 1855 the croft had been divided into halves. John Buchanan retained half as No 7 and his first cousin John Buchanan (son of Donald) also from Carnish became tenant of the other half No 8.

Between 1881 & 1891 John Buchanan moved to Tiosdal, Valtos, exchanging No 8 for the holding of Murdo Macdonald (Murchadh Thiosdal) one third of the original No 18.

Malcolm Maclennan (Calum Iseabail) accompanied Murdo Macdonald to No 8 which was spilt between the two of them. Calum Maclennan's holding became No 9.

Murdo Macdonald occcupied the croft house of No 8 until he moved to Laxdale. No 8 was taken by Murdo Buchannan from No 7.

Calum Maclennan moved to his mothers croft No 21 Valtos and No 9 was taken by John Buchanan of No 7. Thereafter it passed to his son in law Rev Murdo Maclennan and thence to Murdo's daughter.

1st tenant Donald Macleod emigrated to Canada
2nd tenant John Buchanan croft divided into halves
3rd tenant Calum Maclennan ex Tiosdal
4th tenant John Buchanan ex No 7 moved to no 21
5th tenant Rev Murdo Maclennan from Raimer (son in law)
6th tenant Joan Maclennan


Title: 9 Valtos
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: 9 Bhaltos
Type: Croft
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 3169