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Guide to commenting using Disqus

We have implemented a popular third-party solution, Disqus, for commenting. In order to comment on records on our site you must create a Disqus account if you do not already have one. It is a very straightforward process, and there are several possible options, as explained in this Disqus article. You can start the process off by simply clicking in the comment box at the bottom of any record.

We are keen to receive additional information, corrections and queries relating to any of the records on our site. You can also upload images using the small picture icon that you see when you click in the comment box. Images have a maximum size of 2MB, set by Disqus. You should be aware that as with any other images on the web, photographs you upload can be copied and saved by members of the public. In the case of Disqus, uploaded images retain their original dimensions but may be compressed.

Please note that all comments you submit will be moderated before they are posted. In addition to the usual guidelines regarding spamming and inappropriate content, we offer the following advice on submitting comments:

  • For data protection reasons we have attempted to exclude personal data about living people from our website. We would similarly ask you when posting comments not to include personal data about any living people other than yourself, bearing in mind that anything that enables a person to be individually identified (e.g. a combination of name and address) constitutes personal data. We reserve the right to remove any such data from comments before posting them.
  • Please do not upload images for which you do not own the copyright. However, we are happy to accept old family photographs where it is not practicable to trace the photographer. 
  • Please be polite when commenting, even if you spot a silly mistake or read something with which you disagree strongly. We want all our discussions to be positive and friendly.

When you submit information and images to Hebridean Connections, either via Disqus or separately by email, you grant us the right to make use of these on our website, without restriction, and to forward them to our members for addition to their individual archives. For more detail see our terms and conditions.

More detailed information about using the commenting facility is available directly from Disqus's help pages. We also recommend that you read the Disqus terms of service, which are independent of our own terms and conditions. Please note that in order to comply with the Disqus terms of service, you must not post personal information relating to third parties, including postal addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers, and you must not post anything that violates copyright law. In common with other commenting and social media platforms, the terms of use also grant Disqus extensive (though non-exclusive) rights to make use of any content you submit.