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Park Free Church

Park Free Church

The Park Free Church was built in 1882 and has a seating capacity of approximately 750.

During its construction, the local population helped in whatever way they could. Many of the materials used in the construction like the wood and slates were brought by ship to the jetty in Gravir and then taken by horse and cart through the village and up to the church. The stones were quarried from the Leac Bhain just above the church and taken from a dismantled corn mill at 42 Gravir. The sand was brought from Loch a' Gaineamhaich on the way to Lemreway by the women of the village who carried it on their backs.

The Church opened for the first time on the first Tuesday of November 1882

1 The first minister to be ordained and inducted to the new Church was the Rev. NEIL MACLEAN MORRISON who was born in Leurbost in1848. He was in Park for only two years, and left in 1888 to go to Barvas. He was followed by:

2 HECTOR KENNEDY [1889-1905] was a native of Skye and was born in 1847

3 ANGUS MACLEOD [1909-1913] belonged to Laxay and was born in 1854. He was previously the first schoolmaster at Kershader.

4 MURDO MACLEOD [1920-1958] was born at Balallan in 1892 and was minister at Ardnamurchan for two years before coming to Gravir. Older residents of Park describe how he arrived at the pier in Gravir by boat from Ardnamurchan with all his belongings, which then had to be transported all the way to the Manse. After retiring in 1958 he lived in Balallan until his death in 1971.

5 JOHN NORMAN MACLEOD [1959-1967] was born in Detroit USA in 1926 and after leaving Gravir he went to Canada for a short time before moving to the London Free Church. He was Moderator of the General Assembly in 1983 and retired in 1991.

6 JOHN MACDONALD [1968-1969] was less than a year in the Park Congregation when he suffered a severe heart attack and died suddenly. He was born in Bernera in 1917 and was buried at Bosta.

7 WILLIAM JOHN CAMPBELL [1972-1983] went to Portree Free Church when he left Gravir. He retired to Inverness.

8 JOHN MACLEOD [1984-1993] left Gravir to go to Gairloch Free Church where he is still the Minister

9 The last Minister at Park Free Church was the Rev CALUM MACDONALD who is a native of Shawbost. The congregation is now vacant.

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