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HMS Arrogant

HMS Arrogant

The HMS Arrogant was built at Devonport Dock and launched 26th May 1896. She was built as part of the 1895 Naval Program and designed to be used for 'ramming tactics' during encounters. She joined the Channel squadron on completion.

In June 1911 she became a depot ship and was eventually sold for scrap on 13th November 1923.

Displacement: 5750 tons
Speed: 19 knots
Compliment: 480
Armament: Four 6 inch guns, six 4.7 inch QF guns, eight 12pdr and 3pdr QF, five machine guns and three 18 inch torpedo tubes.


Title: HMS Arrogant
Record Type: Boats
Type: Battle Cruiser
Date Launched: 26-05-1896
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 64879