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Loch Roag

Loch Roag

Converted lifeboat.

25ft keel
Sail and auxiliary motor
3.43 ton
3 man crew
Line fishing and creels

Owner - Crofter's Supply Agency, Edinburgh
Skipper - Kenneth Macdonald

The Loch Roag was purchased by the Crofter’s Supply Agency as a support vessel for the Loch Risay lobster pond where lobsters were landed by the local fishermen and stored to await sale and transport to the mainland and foreign markets. The Loch Roag was delivered to Bernera by George Clark.

Registration closed 1965.

The Loch Roag features in this account of George Clark.


Title: Loch Roag
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small fishing boat
Date of Registration: 1949
Registration: SY60
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 13852