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HMS Empress of India

HMS Empress of India

The HMS Empress of India was launched on the 7th of May 1891.

She was commissioned on the 11th of September 1893 as a Royal Sovereign Class pre-dreadnought battleship and initially served on the Channel Fleet.

In 1897 she was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet and served in the International squadron blocking Crete.

In 1901 she returned home as was briefly assigned as a coastguard ship in Ireland. She later became the second flagship of the Home Fleet.

In 1905 she was reduced to reserve.

In 1906 she accidentally collided with the submarine HMS A10.

In 1907, when the Home Fleet, was disbanded; she became flagship for the Rear-Admiral, Devonport until May 1907. She then became a special service vessel.

In 1912 she was taken out of service, but accidentally struck a German submarine while under tow.

On the 4th of November 1913 she was used as a target ship, in Lyme Bay, and sank; the wreck is diveable.

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Title: HMS Empress of India
Record Type: Boats
Type: Royal Sovereign-Class Battleship
Date Launched: 07-05-1891
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 114357